Tabebuia Trees Spring Blooms

Common name(s): Golden trumpet tree

Family: Bignoniaceae

USDA hardiness zones: 9B through 11

Origin: native to Central and South America

This last week I was surprised by the sudden blooms of bright yellow on trees in the neighborhood. I wasn’t familiar with the species. I did some research on the golden trees. Tabebuias are from the West Indies, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Central America, but several species are very well adapted to South Florida. I was thrilled to find the golden beauties here in central Florida. Since they are tropical plants, they WON’T SURVIVE HARD FREEZES.

The tropical Tabebuia trees or yellow trumpet trees are an eye-catching spring bloomer. They have opening clusters of large bright yellow flowers during February and March. Golden trumpet tree has four-inch-long silvery leaves with tan, fuzzy undersides. The trumpet-shaped, bright yellow blossoms appear in dense 2.5 to 8 inch long terminal clusters. Some trees produce a small number of flowers sporadically throughout the warm season. Most of the trees have yellow blooms, but light pink and purple tabebuia also make their presence known with colorful blooms. Seed pods that fall resemble giant green beans.

Around here in Lakeland, the blossoms were suddenly here and a week later, they were gone. I loved the bright color against the blue sky; it made me very happy.

Wishing you all blue skies and bright blooms.

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22 thoughts to “Tabebuia Trees Spring Blooms”

  1. The tabebuia trees are stunning! I love the pop of colour against the blue sky. Thanks so much for brightening up our day. Have a lovely weekend Carol.

  2. Those tabebuia trees are spectacular, especially against your blue skies. Is it a legit scrabble word?

  3. What a beautiful tree. I love seeing this color–right now my area is still pretty drab. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #28 linkup. Hope to see you next week, too.

  4. Love seeing all the blossoms, and hopefully they will be in our area soon.
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  5. I have this tree!!! I live in Florida & ppl & cars stop me every time I’m outside to ask about my tree! I love & baby this tree all year long makes my ❤️happy to have this tree. Come for a drive-by any time!!!

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