Small Home Changes Can Make a Big Impact

We all have a wish list for our homes. Last week I shared my search for inspiration for small changes in my living room. I find that I do best by planning changes over months to even a year or two. I have to plan and budget for big ticket items. Sometimes I see a small need and try to find a solution in a shorter time line. I think of it as part of home maintenance. Below the addition of the bar adds so much storage space to the kitchen.

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Home Maintenance & Upgrades Review

I ‘ve been looking at my blog posts and doing a little maintenance on the blog for the last month. Those of you who follow and come by frequently know that I’ve had lots of trouble with my old newsletter plug-in. I am now doing the things in a new way which I hope will be more successful in staying in contact with you.

I must admit I’ve been also reviewing my home and trying to make small changes that make it more functional for me too. My goal is to have an organized, functional, safe, easy to maintain home that is restful, cozy, and pleasing to the eye. As I have been reading my old posts on home, I’m amazed about how often I write about it. You probably can tell that home is an important subject to me as I have been thinking and writing about home a lot since the major events of 2020. Being restricted made home even more special I think for all of us. Today I’ll do a small review of ideas and home changes that I’ve shared.

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How to Boost Your Home’s Value

Owning a house isn’t only an emotional experience where the house is your home. It’s also a financial decision that can pay dividends as you build up equity in your home and see your property value increase over time. The rate of property value increase can depend on a number of different factors such as the economy, job market, and the housing market.

All of us would like to think that our homes are increasing in value. There are some actions by homeowners that can affect the price and the speed of sale. Whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or you simply want to continue to grow the value of your home investment, there are steps you can take to increase the value of your home. As I perform routine maintenance in my home, I am aware that simple choices I make can impact the value of my home at a later date. For example when I replaced my refrigerator, I chose white instead of the more popular stainless steel. I choose what I like, but I know it’s not a factor that will increase value and may potentially decrease value. Just be aware of the choices you make that seem small but aren’t when it comes to resale. My second point is don’t overload your decor with current trends. In 5 years no one will want them. A few popular items don’t hurt but don’t invest your money in trendy big ticket items unless you have the budget to replace them in a few years. Now let’s look at more actions that can impact your home’s value.

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My Home is My Happy Place

“My home – my haven.  I surround myself with things that I love, a reflection of myself. It is a place of comfort from the chaos outside.” – my friend, Maryce

Your home should be a special place. When you’ve had a tough day, you want to head home and to put everything behind you. I’ve written about home quite often here on the blog. I’ve called it a haven and a refuge. We’ve talked about making it welcoming and cozy. I have even written about how to make your home a happy place.

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Trendy Dining Room Ideas

Formal dining rooms often don’t have a place in modern homes. Few people want a formal separate dining room. For most homeowners, they want a multifunctional space where cooking, conversing, and eating are not separated. Even if the dining area is separate, we want a comfortable, relaxed place to eat and spend time with others. Contemporary dining areas can use all sorts of style ideas to make them warm and welcoming. If you like to host dinner parties or you just want somewhere for your family to enjoy daily meals, your dining room can become a place that meets your needs. Let’s take a look at trending design ideas.

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Visions of Amaryllis – Amaryllis, Snapdragons and Pink Begonia Bouquet

This post was originally shared on April 20, 2016. I was a new blogger and my photo composition wasn’t great. This is one of my all-time favorite bouquets. I purchased it at the farmer’s market. The amaryllis flowers are larger than the ones in my yard. I remember the petals looked like velvet. I’ve re-edited some photos, and I hope you enjoy a second view.

The beautiful red of amaryllis still fills yards in my area, bright red heads standing watch over gardens. I brought the colors in to the bedroom for a bouquet of colors – red amaryllis, snapdragons, and pink begonias.

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Guest Room Checklist

Many of us have an occasional guest in our homes. This is certainly true in my Florida home. If you have a space that can be set aside for a guest, I have a few suggestions for additions to the space with special attention to your guest’s needs. It might be an office/guest room and have a multiple purpose. We still want to create a room that’s inviting and comfortable as well as functional. After all, when we travel, we all would like a quiet place to rest in the evening. That’s where you come in as the hostess.

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