Ideas for Simple Christmas Place Settings

Back at the beginning of November, I discussed simple Thanksgiving place settings. We’re now at the end of November, and our thoughts are filled with Christmas. Have you put your tree up yet? Many of us start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, there are many types of get togethers including a brunch with friends, an afternoon tea, a holiday party, Christmas dinner, and New Year’s Eve. If you are having guests for Christmas dinner or a party, you’re probably in the planning mode now. Deciding on the menu and dividing up the dishes among us is what happens in my family. Who brings what.

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Simple Thanksgiving Place Settings

Remember The Reason For The Holiday

When I was a child decades ago, my family celebrated all holidays with my mother’s good china. On each of those occasions, I helped rinse the china and dry it. We put a lace tablecloth on the dining table with the good china, mother’s silverware, and crystal. It didn’t matter if it was Thanksgiving or Easter. In my young mind I called the fine china “turkey plates” since we had turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now as an adult I enjoy seeing all kinds of decorative plates and the gorgeous tablescapes that are created for a specific holiday.

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Looking Back at Thanksgiving

Today I’m looking back at my Thanksgiving tables during the life of my blog.  The first year I was really just learning about blogging, and I only have a few posts left from 2015.  I was visiting some wonderful bloggers who really were teaching me with their posts.  I really loved seeing the beautiful tablescapes.  I learned that word. .  .  tablescapes.  I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in a world where brides choose china, silver, and crystal.  Holidays of any kind meant getting out the good china for a dinner.  When I was little I called my mother’s china, turkey plates.  We often had turkey for a holiday.

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Fall Tablescape Ideas

It’s September and apples, pumpkins, and colorful leaves are calling.  I’ve added fall touches to my home even though in Florida, we aren’t through with summer.  I am now trying to capture that feeling of autumn beauty.  Natural decorations can make your home look really welcoming and really do freshen up your home for fall.

One of my greatest pleasures is enjoying a beautiful table set for the season. In the next few months, we’ll celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and just the joy of fall.  Are you ready to set a pretty fall table? I’m sharing a few ideas with beautiful examples of a wonderful fall table. Read More

A Simple Early Autumn Table

My home has many coastal elements. Every fall I am faced with decorating for autumn using my colors. I use more textures, tans, and browns. I add deeper toned colors as the season progresses.  I look for softer shades of typical fall colors. I also love using turquoise in the fall with tans, browns, and golden tones. Officially it is autumn on September 22nd, but today I’m adding a few coastal autumn colors in the dining room.

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