Tabebuia Trees Spring Blooms

Common name(s): Golden trumpet tree

Family: Bignoniaceae

USDA hardiness zones: 9B through 11

Origin: native to Central and South America

This last week I was surprised by the sudden blooms of bright yellow on trees in the neighborhood. I wasn’t familiar with the species. I did some research on the golden trees. Tabebuias are from the West Indies, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Central America, but several species are very well adapted to South Florida. I was thrilled to find the golden beauties here in central Florida. Since they are tropical plants, they WON’T SURVIVE HARD FREEZES.

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5 Reasons to Make Your Garden Organic

This is an updated post (2024) with information to help our pollinators. Several years ago I wrote about what to do to help bees, Make Your Garden A Haven For Bees, and butterflies, 5 Steps for a Butterfly Garden. Does it seem strange to write about gardening in February? No, now is the time to dream and plan. Forget the snow, and imagine a spring day.

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