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Welcome to my little corner of the internet world. Thanks for dropping by and visiting. Hope you find some thoughts to help you in your life’s journey. I’ve been asked why I named my blog Comfort Spring. Some years back I started a small on-line store for natural personal care. Comfort Spring Station was the name I chose as it brings me mentally to a special place. My fantasy cottage by a pond, creek, and trees. My comfort spring.




After spending many years in social services, I retired to my small home in the Tampa Bay area of central Florida. I love my garden and watching the flowers, birds and even the bees. Over 10 years ago, I began reading to be more informed about day to day choices that affect the environment. I use more natural, non-chemical products for me, my home, and garden, and make many of them myself.  I have been eating more veggies and fruits in my diet and trying to make exercise a regular part of my routine in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle.

I really enjoy reading others’ fantastic blogs – diet, recipes, home decor and even medical research. I have discovered I love to take photographs, especially in the garden.  For some time I have enjoyed playing with graphics and making printables which I will share with you. Whether moving furniture, landscaping the garden, or playing with photographs and graphics, I enjoy creating beauty. My home is very eclectic as I love many vintage looks as well as a modern touch. Of course, living in Florida means there is always a little coastal flavor too.


My plans for future blog posts include updates to my home, photography, my ongoing garden plans,  my continuing interest in having a clean diet, and free printables. Thanks for your patience as my blog continues to develop and grow. Have a blessed day!

Connect with me at  FaceBook,  Pinterest , Tumblr, or Twitter sharing inspiration, home projects, photography, and nature. Email address is comfortspringstation@gmail.com



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