Chewy Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

Today’s treat is a moist, delicious brownie with the added nutrition of zucchini.  Besides it’s fabulous flavor, chocolate is a source of antioxidants. Chocolate has been found to help lower blood pressure and even increase “good” cholesterol. Darker chocolate is also known to have anti-inflammatory qualities as long as you’re enjoying it in moderation. That’s the difficult part, enjoying it in moderation. WebMD has an informative article on the health benefits of chocolate. One fact is clear for chocolate: the purer and darker the chocolate, the greater your health benefits. Raw chocolate or minimally processed dark chocolate high in cocoa solids is healthier than milk chocolate and white chocolate. Check the amount of chocolate in your chips as some are as low as 29%.  Look for chips with a high amount of chocolate like  Enjoy Life semisweet dark chocolate chips which are close to 70% cacao. Then you add zucchini to the mix.  The addition of the vegetable adds to the nutritional content without changing the flavor of chocolate, and it also makes it so moist and chewy.  Nothing like making something taste better with a little added benefit. For the gardeners out there, this is another recipe to help you use your abundant bounty of zucchini this summer.

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