How to Make Your Fall Home Cozy

Thursday is the first OFFICIAL day of fall although many of us already feel it’s here. All too soon the leaves will start to fall from the trees, the evenings will get darker, and the temperatures will drop significantly. With the changing weather and changing seasons, you might be thinking about how you can get your home ready for the season. 

Previously I posted how to keep your property safe from the colder elements, but what other steps can you take to create a fall home that’s cozy, comfortable, and wonderfully warm and welcoming? The good news is that getting your home ready for shorter and colder days is easy.

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DIY Pink & Purple Spring Wreath

I was watching a documentary on Amazon Prime last Sunday. The Gardener is a story about Frank Cabot. He is the man responsible for a horticultural masterpiece of the 21st century, Les Quatre Vents in Quebec. The story is about the history of his family’s home and how he began to expand the garden to create a series of garden rooms that are pure art. If you have Amazon Prime, do take a peek if you love nature, art, and gardens.

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DIY Valentine Wreath

By January 1st, my Christmas decorations were all packed up.  I felt a sense of relief that it was done, but then I stared at the house and thought what can I put up next?  Normally I do a red rose arrangement and a few red touches to the living room for January and February.  Now I wanted something pretty on the front door.  On Sunday, I started to work with a grapevine wreath and flowers.   I used a grapevine wreath because it’s so easy to attach additional elements to the wreath with minimal wire and glue.  I know it’s only January 5th, but I need something bright and cheerful.



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