Lakeland’s Blue Skies

Weather here in central Florida is still cooler than I like, but the skies are beautiful. Blue skies with white clouds make a perfect day despite the temperature. (I know folks up north won’t think it’s cool.)

I hope you have a great day!

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A Cold Day in Lakeland, Florida

We’ve had some cold days here in central Florida as northern weather systems come south. Yes, I know by northern standards, it’s not really cold. To residents of Florida who have adapted to lots of heat, it is cold. Luckily most days we still have deep blue skies and white clouds. Right now I am recovering from an extremely hard day yesterday moving. It was filled with errors from morning ’til night. I’m in my fluffy robe, in a recliner at an Air B & B in Lakeland. I’m not really closed on either property (house nor condo) even though it seemed I signed a thousand documents yesterday. There is a form for final lender approval on buyer of my house that has not been received. Last night I heard it is hoped to be finalized by 2 this afternoon. That was the first error. I won’t go into my tale of woe any further. A truck filled to the brim with my belongings sits ready to come to Lakeland and I am paying for daily rental. My painter who was supposed to start on the condo yesterday afternoon went to his next job and will work on my unit part-time. The cleaner and handy man are waiting for word they will help tomorrow. And I sit.

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Beverly’s January of Orchids & Sky

Today’s photos were taken by my friend, Beverly, who lives in tropical Plantation, Florida in South Florida. She’s shared her beautiful orchids before. I love orchids, but I can’t grow them!

I’ve shared Beverly’s orchids several times before. She has plants hanging around the outside of her home in Broward County which is a tropical growing zone. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL is in Broward.) This last month has been a wonderful time for orchid blooms. The light purple with a dark center started blooming at the end of December and has continued right up to this week.

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Sky Watch Thursday With Flowers

One of my favorite linky parties is Sky Watch Thursday. The skies shared cover the range from sunrise to sundown and lots of beauty in between. Today my post is my view of the Florida blue skies over flowers. First is the view from the front yard over my frangipani tree. It was late afternoon and my front yard was in shade. (My house faces east and the sun crosses my house mid day.)

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