Easy Black Bean Dip

Beans are great. They’re delicious, filling and packed with good-for-you nutrients like vitamins, fiber and protein. Black beans are among the most frequently consumed legumes around the world. They’re considered nutritional powerhouses that are rich in plant-based protein, fiber, and antioxidants that help manage blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels. They retain their shape and texture well, so they’re perfect to use in stews, soups, dips, and salads. You can use canned drained beans to cut down on cooking time, but you’ll save money cooking your own using dried beans. Add flavor by simmering dried beans with an onion, garlic, herbs, or dried chiles. For this recipe, I would cook them until they’re very soft and almost falling apart. Drain them and allow them to cool slightly before you blend up the dip, and save the bean liquid. Use it instead of the water.  For more information on the health benefits and instructions on cooking dried beans, see Health Benefits of Nutritious Beans.

There are two things I like to have in my refrigerator at all times – hummus and lemons or limes.  In the past, I have shared several hummus recipes including Black Bean Hummus. I have several friends who cannot eat hummus because of the tahini (crushed sesame seeds). For those friends, I make black bean dip.

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Lemon White Bean Hummus

There are two things I like to have in my refrigerator at all times – hummus and lemons.  Today I’m putting those two things together in a tasty hummus based on white beans, tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice.  I love fresh vegetables. I was lucky in my last food delivery that my carrots, celery, lettuce, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers were available.  I’ll enjoy them while I can.

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