Practical Ideas For Better Home Cooking

For some people, cooking is a passion. Like my brother-in-law, they love trying new recipes, experimenting with different flavors, and feeding their friends and family. For many other people cooking is a chore. At times most of us are tired of answering the eternal question “What’s for dinner” At the beginning of November we discussed finding inspiration to cook. The best advice when trying new dishes is to avoid complicated recipes and start small. Perhaps a sheet pan dinner or a slow cooker meal are easy ways to try something new.

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Create a Home That Supports Wellness

We are approaching the end of the year, a perfect time to re-evaluate and renew our lives and homes. Today I want to talk about stress. The holiday season which brings great joy also can bring great stress.  Many of us have so much responsibility, and often we feel overburdened.  We want it all – great home, family time, work, and personal growth.  Of course we do, but can we have it all at once?

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Winter Flavors & Dishes

We’re in late fall and winter officially arrives December 21st. As the temperatures drop, our bodies crave a warming, comforting meal. Traditionally, certain flavors like in spices and herbs are traditionally used to welcome fall and to make cozy meals during the coldest season. Today let’s looks at special flavors and think about new dishes to add to our menu. Here are seven winter ideas you need this year. Not only do they add great flavor, but many also add healthy benefits. We can all use that.

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Find Inspiration For Cooking

For some people, cooking is a passion. Like my brother-in-law, they love trying new recipes, experimenting with different flavors, and feeding their friends and family. He and my sister collected cookbooks for many years. They enjoyed reading cookbooks and trying new recipes. For others, cooking is a chore. It’s something that has to be done in order to eat, but it’s not something that they enjoy. There are also stages you can go through where you’re bored and tired of cooking. I’m not a professional chef who makes extraordinary dishes with complex directions. I do enjoy cooking, but my focus is usually on eating healthier. I have allergies and try to avoid many common foods that cause problem. No MSG in my food. Then I get in a rut and need to try something new. Eating the same food over and over gets boring. Several of my retired friends have all said that they are tired of cooking. We’ve discussed standing and looking in the refrigerator hoping for inspiration.

If this has ever happened to you, there are of ways to rekindle your passion for cooking. Let’s discuss some ideas to inspire you.

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How To Stay Healthy Working From Home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home even if it’s only part-time. But working long hours in a small space might make you feel unmotivated, unlike in a typical office where you can talk to other people to break up the monotony. While working from home has many perks, it is not without its difficulties.  Working at home can be a difficult adjustment that could impact  work productivity as well as health and wellness.   While you have the best intentions to stay fit and healthy,  make your physical, mental, and emotional health a priority with healthy home work habits.  

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6 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

When the world was hit with COVID back in 2020, we learned this virus is almost exclusively transmitted through the air indoors. Cleaner indoor air has other benefits besides reducing COVID risk. Influenza and other respiratory viruses also spread through the air and cause a huge amount of illness. Plus, studies have shown that poor ventilation has all kinds of other health effects, like “sick building syndrome”.

We spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, and we rarely think about air quality in our homes. It’s fall in North America and Europe. For energy conservation, most of us have made improvements to prevent air leaks in our homes this winter.  Furnishings, upholstery, synthetic building materials, and cleaning products in homes and offices can emit a variety of toxic compounds. While you can take steps to minimize them, one of  the most prevalent chemicals in your home isn’t easy to get rid of. Formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound that’s emitted in low levels by a variety of household building products and furniture, may cause cancer in humans and has been known to trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions when present in high levels.   Indoor air pollution can also be caused by pollen, bacteria, and molds, as well as outdoor air contaminants like car exhaust . All of these are made worse in small or poorly ventilated spaces. What are the things that we need to do to improve the air quality in our homes?

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How To Eat Healthy This Winter

Seasonal Affective Disorder

In many northern areas, as the days grow shorter, the sky becomes gray. When I was an adolescent in east Tennessee, I said I hated empty trees in winter. I didn’t know it then, but the gray days of winter made me melancholy. One of my earliest posts here on the blog was about the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I am sensitive to the loss of sunlight. Gray skies and empty trees are my image of winter when my energy diminishes. If you experience that sensitivity, go back and read my post. Check out the reference book in the symptoms and actions you can take to feel better. Personally, I found full spectrum light helped me. I moved to Miami from middle Tennessee in my 20’s. I didn’t know about SAD but I had more energy and was happier. Later reading  Winter Blues by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal I understood the problem and possible solutions. This perennial best seller can help you evaluate your own seasonality and seek relief. 

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Heat Wave Safety

This summer has been incredibly hot world-wide. When I read of the weather-related illness and deaths, it greatly saddens me. The last week in July the world’s first named heat wave hit Seville, Spain. ‘Zoe’ pushed temperatures past 110 degrees Fahrenheit and earned the most severe tier in the city’s new heat wave ranking system. If you don’t know what to do to protect yourself in extreme heat, let’s talk.

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