Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Photos are from my nephew’s (James Murphy)  Washington visit in March 2018

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 5 Henry Bacon Dr NW, Washington, DC 20245


Today I’m sharing photos from the archives. Back in 2018, my nephew and his wife drove to Washington D. C. during spring break. They are both teachers and this was their first visit to the nations capitol. Unfortunately, this spring isn’t a time to travel, and instead they were going from store to store a couple of weeks ago to find cat food. Luckily they found some at the 5th store. Thanks Heather & James for sharing your photos. Today we’ve visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Read More

My Favorite Photos of 2018

For the last few years, I started off January with a favorite flowers of the previous year post.  This year it’s a little later and I’ve also expanded my photos to include more types of posts.  My Top Posts of 2018 the first week of January addressed everyone else’s favorite posts.  Today I’m sharing my favorite photos from travel, home, nature, and garden posts of 2018.  I hope you enjoy it.  We’re starting with my post on beautiful Bok Tower Garden in Lake Wales, Florida. It’s one of my favorite places in Florida with lush contemplative garden rooms and beautiful bells ringing out in concerts.


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Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Part III of Washington D.C. series. If you missed the first 2: Washington National WW II Memorial,  and Lincoln Memorial. Photos by James Murphy.


One of the most exciting museums for me is the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. I’ve visited the museum on the National Mall almost every time I’ve been in Washington.  It gets over 7 million visitors a year so I know many folks agree with me. From the Wright Brothers plane to space capsules it covers it all.  Man’s push to explore are illustrated perfectly.



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Visiting Washington D. C.: National World War II Memorial

Washington, our nation’s capitol, is filled with historic places and museums, and I was excited to visit it the first time decades ago. I’ve returned several times over the years and there is always something to draw me back. Today I am sharing  our country’s National World War II Memorial at night. These are my nephew’s photos on his recent trip. Thanks James!


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