Visions of Amaryllis – Amaryllis, Snapdragons and Pink Begonia Bouquet

This post was originally shared on April 20, 2016. I was a new blogger and my photo composition wasn’t great. This is one of my all-time favorite bouquets. I purchased it at the farmer’s market. The amaryllis flowers are larger than the ones in my yard. I remember the petals looked like velvet. I’ve re-edited some photos, and I hope you enjoy a second view.

The beautiful red of amaryllis still fills yards in my area, bright red heads standing watch over gardens. I brought the colors in to the bedroom for a bouquet of colors – red amaryllis, snapdragons, and pink begonias.

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Roses & A Stone Bird

When I feel like I can’t stand another day staying at home, I try to find something that brings me joy. It can be a simple thing – like flowers.  Roses are one of my favorite flowers. You can grow roses in Florida but it’s really hard and takes lots of work.  Roses really aren’t happy when it’s always hot. They can burn out and must be fed constantly.  I’ve not had luck growing them here and just buy my roses.

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