My Favorite Flowers & Nature Photos From 2021

Monday we looked at the top posts of 2021 in terms of visitors and link party features.  At the end of the first year of my little blog, I did a post of my favorite flowers from the year before.  I included flowers in the garden or in a bouquet.  If you’ve visited me before you probably know flowers are one of my great loves.  Several years ago I also included a few nature shots, another great love. Today’s post is some of my favorites photos of flowers and nature  from 2021.  I hope I included some of yours too.

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Valley of Fire

My nephew James and his wife Heather went on vacation in June.   This is the first post from their vacation photos. Thank you James!

Valley of Fire State Park is a public recreation and nature preservation area covering nearly 46,000 acres located 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada. The state park derives its name from red sandstone formations, the Aztec Sandstone, which formed from shifting sand dunes 150 million years ago.



Back several decades ago, I visited Las Vegas for the first time.   My favorite memory from that visit is the Valley of Fire.  You drive in the mostly tan and brown desert until you go over a hill and see a red valley with beautiful red formations.  It looked to me as though the red boulders were pushed up out of the ground. Yes I had my little Kodak back then, but you really don’t want to see the bad photos I took.  Let’s enjoy James’ pics.



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