A Lovely Spring Day in Michigan

Today’s spring photos are from my friend Diane who lives in the greater Detroit area. One day spring was everywhere in her garden. I do love tulips which of course do not grow in hot Florida. Thanks Diane!

Spring is my favorite time of year. As a child, it seemed a miracle when things around me came alive after the drab, gray days of winter. I do miss a northern spring and all the beautiful spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, forsythia, and lilacs. When I lived in Michigan, it was like a fairy land when you woke up to a sea of yellow blossoms on bushes everywhere or tulips in all the yards. I now experience northern spring vicariously through the photos of others. Florida does not get cold enough for all these beauties.

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My Favorite Flower Photos for 2022

Last week we looked at the top posts of 2022 in terms of visitors.  It was a chance for me to know what are your favorite posts. 2 days later I shared My Favorite Nature Photos for 2022. In the past I shared a mix of nature and flowers posts in one post, but there were too many photos this year. Today’s review includes both flowers in the garden and bouquets in the house from the last year.

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Easter Flowers at Publix

Publix Super Markets, Inc., commonly known as Publix, is an employee-owned American supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. My favorite supermarket is a Publix close to my home. Every holiday there are displays of flowers appropriate to the season. Today I’m sharing photos from my visit this last Thursday before Easter. Happy Easter everyone!

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My Friend’s Tulips

To force a Tulip means to pot the Tulip bulb, replicate winter conditions, and bring it into bloom earlier than its normal spring bloom time. One can force a Tulip to bloom earlier, but one cannot force a Tulip to bloom later.  Most tulips need at least 12-14 weeks of temperatures below 55 degrees F to bloom.



My friend got a potted forced tulip in pretty pink. The buds were almost open.





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Create An Easter Candy Centerpiece

For spring and Easter this year, I wanted to try the simple craft of a candy-filled vase.  Florists have used the 2 vase technique for years.  Get a clear glass vase that is wide and tall enough to hold a smaller vase.  Then fill the area between the 2 glass walls with candy.  You can use jelly beans, candy corn in fall, or pastel mints for Easter and spring.  I bought a simple glass vase and pastel mints at Dollar Tree.  I added a plastic glass for the insert.



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A Gift of Yellow Tulips For Vickie

I’ve been having my groceries delivered for the last 3 months. I’ve really missed going through the fresh flowers at the market to make a bouquet.  I tried something new with my last delivery and ordered a bouquet of baby’s breath and one of yellow tulips. I had wanted several hydrangea but I couldn’t order them. Anyway the flowers were lovely when delivered with my groceries. Read More

Sunny May Table

It’s the first day of May and we’ve been having wonderful weather the last few weeks. This year we have actually had spring! Yeah! All too often Florida goes from winter straight into hot, humid summer with little in-between. About 10 days ago a storm blew in from across the Gulf and brought slightly cooler weather. One day with a high in the 60’s followed by 5 days with highs in the 70’s. I’ve been smiling the whole time. Read More