Maryce’s Spring Flowers

Photos are courtesy of my friend, Maryce, who lives in tropical Clearwater, Florida. I appreciate my friends who share photos, especially now that I am staying home and recovering. I saw the surgeon on Tuesday and he said I’m doing great. I am wearing a neck guard and will continue to wear it until June. I see my primary physician today for surgery follow-up.

Today my friend Maryce is sharing photos mostly from her home in Clearwater, Florida. First is a bouquet of yellow roses from a friend.

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Tropical Parking Lot Landscape

The other day I drove to my favorite Publix Supermarket here in central Florida. I noticed how nice the parking lot looked with great tropical foliage. Public landscaped areas are a great way to find easy to grow plants for your area. Owners of strip malls want to provide a pleasant environment for the customers, but they don’t want to spend big money on maintaining plants. Each row of parking spaces has a nice flower bed at the end with variegated leaf bushes, colorful crotons, and a plant with small blue flowers. The two types of bushes are tropical and easy to grow in our climate. Add a tree and a large light post and it’s perfect for the public location. (Government buildings and community buildings are also good places to note landscape plants. In more northern environments there is often a few evergreen bushes that provide a frame year round.)

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