Southern Tomato & Cracker Salad

Tomato Cracker Salad is a simple southern dish that is a must for summer. I know it sounds strange, but if you like tomato sandwiches, you’ll like this. Ripe summer tomatoes are combined with mayonnaise and broken saltine crackers. This is a recipe that’s been made throughout the south for many years. There are slight variations on the recipe. The basic recipe includes chopped ripe summer tomatoes with seeds & pulp removed, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and broken crackers. I like it best while the crackers are still crunchy so serve it immediately. After about an hour the crackers soften to the consistency of mashed potatoes. Some people like me add minced fresh basil, chopped green onions, and garlic. Another group add a chopped egg. With the egg addition it gives you protein for your lunch. If you haven’t tried Tomato & Cracker Salad, remember it when you have loads of fresh tomatoes and want to eat them fast.

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