A Glorious South Florida Sunset

Life is very hectic this week as I try to please both the requirements of selling my house and the actions necessary in buying the condo. Almost daily I review and initial addendums or changes to the condo contract. Yesterday I spent the morning having two inspections of my house for the buyer. I have driven 2 hours each way to Lakeland last Saturday and again Tuesday. Tuesday I attended the inspection of the condo. To say I’m not taking photos is an understatement. Thanks to Beverly for sharing her incredibly colorful sunset. Enjoy!

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Sunset on Clearwater Beach, Florida

Since my surgery in April, my neck and back have greatly decreased pain. Unfortunately, my hands and arms still have pain and occasional numbness. I was tested and both arms have carpel tunnel. I see the surgeon the first week in October to discuss surgery. Even if the surgery greatly helps, I want to sell my house and move to a condo. There the lawn is taken care of. I’ve gone through 3 lawn guys in 4 years. In Florida, you need to mow your grass year round. In January you don’t need to mow for a month, but you still need to maintain it. I’ll really miss my garden, but I can’t really take care of it like I should.

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Florida Sunset With A Vintage Car

Today’s photo is courtesy of my friend Maryce who lives in Clearwater, Florida.

Sometimes life gives you a gift of the perfect shot, the composition of a neighborhood scene down a long street with a sunset and your favorite love, antique cars. Maryce takes photos of old cars whenever she sees one. This day last week it came with a neighborhood view with the horizon filled with the colors of the sun setting. Thanks for sharing Maryce! I just love this photo and am proud to share it.

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