Decorating Mistakes of First Time Home Owners

Buying your first house is a major milestone for most of us. Not only is it intimidating to get a mortgage, save the down payment, and orchestrate a move, now the question is what do I do with this empty house? You’ve made a long term commitment buying this house and getting a mortgage. You may have certain indulgent ideas from a fantasy of the younger you. Your dream could be owning an oversized bed, or integrating a fireman’s pole from ceiling to floor, or designing truly magical children’s rooms. Whether or not it takes shape depends on your circumstances and updated sense of taste.

Yet sometimes, great décor decisions are not just about what you hope to achieve but also what you should avoid. That might sound negative, but actually, knowing a few limiting parameters can help you reign in your creativity to a reasonable and sensible degree, often to the point where decisions you make are fully justified, pointed, and appreciated.

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