Cheery Yellow May Table

For the last several years I’ve made a yellow table for May, but I wasn’t planning to make one this year.  Then I find sunny yellow placemats in the store and knew it was again time for a May yellow table.  I enjoy collecting vintage dinnerware at thrift stores.  I have 3 salad plates in the Corelle pattern Spring Meadow which was made in 1977.  There is something about the little pastel flowers which I find cheerful.


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Rustic Bunny Spring Table

How are you doing this Wednesday morning?  I hope your family and you are safe and sound.  Today I’m celebrating my 72nd birthday with a pretty spring table.  Nope, not seeing anyone; I’m just talking on the phone as I have done daily for several weeks.  So, now let’s think about a pretty table to lighten the mood.  I want a more rustic spring table. Several weeks ago on my last trip to Ross for Less, I got several items that are perfect for a table: a wood slab I’ve wanted for a while, a rustic rabbit figurine, and 2 springtime plates with flowering trees.   The wood slab is the basis for the centerpiece.  I cannot go buy fresh flowers so I added a faux flower arrangement with pink tulips.  On the side of the flowers is the rustic bunny.  I put a sheer pink ribbon around his neck.  Ribbon has been also added to the vintage milk glass vase of flowers. Read More

Sunny May Table

It’s the first day of May and we’ve been having wonderful weather the last few weeks. This year we have actually had spring! Yeah! All too often Florida goes from winter straight into hot, humid summer with little in-between. About 10 days ago a storm blew in from across the Gulf and brought slightly cooler weather. One day with a high in the 60’s followed by 5 days with highs in the 70’s. I’ve been smiling the whole time. Read More

Pink Easter Table

Spring means soft pastels to me and lots of pink. Today’s table was inspired by beautiful porcelain candlestick holders, napkin rings, and spring floral plates.  Last year I found these beautiful candlestick holders with hand-made porcelain flowers at my favorite thrift store. I immediately bought them and put them away for spring. Last month I found these matching napkin rings at the same store. I’m not sure where they were hidden when I bought the candlesticks, but they are perfect for my Easter table.  Each napkin ring flower is different.

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Spring Bouquet With Blue Flag Iris & Amaryllis

When I was at Tasty Tuesday’s Farmers Market this week, one grower had a bucket of bouquets at $5 each. Each had an Amaryllis bloom as the major attraction and I wanted one. It’s that time of year and the Amaryllis are blooming.  (Amaryllis is a subtropical bulb that belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and is native to South Africa. It is grown as a potted plant in most parts of the United States but can also be grown outdoors year round in Florida.)

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