How to Add Spring in The Dining Room

Today let’s talk about easy spring decorating ideas that take just minutes and make a big impact. First, be sure you clean your windows so as the days get sunnier and green appears outside, you can enjoy it. Get dark heavy things out of the room. Pack away winter things and add a few items of decor that are cozy, comforting and reflect a spring mood. When your home comes with an architectural feature like a fireplace, that makes it easy to decorate the focal point. When you have nothing like that, it’s best to add items that give texture, add spots of color, or perhaps tie the room together. For my dining room, several years ago I added a photo ledge from Etsy on the wall behind the dining table. That gives the room a focal point. Seasonally, I often change the art on the walls to reflect the changing months. This month I started with moving my fawn print to the ledge in the dining room. A simple art print or rug addition can transform a space.

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How to Make An Easter Sock Bunny

For the last few years I’ve set a goal to do at least one pin from my Pinterest collection each season. I don’t always reach that goal, but am slowly trying out pins. Today I’m sharing my DIY Easter sock bunny. There are several posts online for a sock bunny. I used a Dollar Tree pair of white socks. I could not find an all-white pair of men’s socks and had to buy a women’s pair. It works fine but is a little smaller than those shared elsewhere.

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DIY Pink & Purple Spring Wreath

I was watching a documentary on Amazon Prime last Sunday. The Gardener is a story about Frank Cabot. He is the man responsible for a horticultural masterpiece of the 21st century, Les Quatre Vents in Quebec. The story is about the history of his family’s home and how he began to expand the garden to create a series of garden rooms that are pure art. If you have Amazon Prime, do take a peek if you love nature, art, and gardens.

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My Friend’s Tulips

To force a Tulip means to pot the Tulip bulb, replicate winter conditions, and bring it into bloom earlier than its normal spring bloom time. One can force a Tulip to bloom earlier, but one cannot force a Tulip to bloom later.  Most tulips need at least 12-14 weeks of temperatures below 55 degrees F to bloom.



My friend got a potted forced tulip in pretty pink. The buds were almost open.





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Cheery Yellow May Table

For the last several years I’ve made a yellow table for May, but I wasn’t planning to make one this year.  Then I find sunny yellow placemats in the store and knew it was again time for a May yellow table.  I enjoy collecting vintage dinnerware at thrift stores.  I have 3 salad plates in the Corelle pattern Spring Meadow which was made in 1977.  There is something about the little pastel flowers which I find cheerful.


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Watercolor Iris Printable

From childhood I have loved iris flowers.  Purple bearded iris is the state flower of Tennessee where I grew up, and many people had them planted in their yards. In 4th grade, my father took me for a drive and I was so happy with all the irises in bloom.  Bearded iris do not grow here in central Florida, but I still love them in art.  Today’s printable is a watercolor iris print sized 10″ x 8″.  There are also 2 butterflies hovering over the blooms. Read More