Dogwood Egg Carton Flowers

I’ve pinned pretty egg carton flower crafts for a few years.  This year I’m trying to make more of my inspiring pins.  First I thought I would use paper egg cartons which seems to be the favorite among crafters.  You can paint them any color.  Then I saw a neighbor throwing away colored styrofoam egg cartons in white, pink, and yellow.  (Our county does not accept styrofoam in recyclables.)  Hmm, okay I decided to rescue the styrofoam and give it a try.



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Easter Rag Wreath

I’ve been in love with every rag wreath I’ve seen on lots of blogs. It’s a simple concept – cut or tear material into strips, make knots on chosen wreath form, voila a wreath.  My craft today is my version of a rag wreath for spring and Easter.  Many blogs have shared various versions of a rag wreath using different knots. I’ve seen really a pretty wreath with just tied bows all over it.  I remember seeing a wreath where the strip of material was folded and the ends were pulled though the loop.  Sorry I don’t remember where I saw that. Let’s just say I forgot the KISS principle (K keep I it S simple S stupid), and began to complicate my wreath. It took time but I’m very happy with the result. Read More