Spring Asparagus, Tomato & Feta Salad

Spring is the time for fresh, tender asparagus. Today I’m adding them to fresh tomatoes with feta cheese. I am sauteing the asparagus in a little olive oil just a little bit, but you can steam, grill, or roast if you prefer. The goal is to limit the cooking so the result is bright green, tender asparagus, not over-cooked soft asparagus.

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Spring Vegetable Frittata

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the USA. Take time today to remember those who gave their lives to keep us free.

A frittata is an Italian egg dish. Unlike the French quiche, a frittata does not have a crust. Today’s recipe adds fresh spring vegetables to the egg and milk. You can adapt this frittata recipe to add many types of vegetables. If you roast root vegetables in the winter, use left overs in a frittata. Summer is a great time for all types of fresh garden vegetables. This dish is perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch, and even a light supper.

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