Savoy Cabbage Soup

If you’ve read my food posts before, you probably noticed I like real food. I believe in eating clean, whole food that is prepared with real ingredients and fresh produce. Today we’ll talk about real food in a fresh bowl of soup full of vegetables.  Rich in vitamins A, C and K, but also in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, savoy cabbage is definitely a wonderful ingredient for many typical winter recipes. What is one of the best recipes? Savoy cabbage soup! It’s very easy to prepare and with so many different variations, you can make it your way. If you find any recipe is too spicy or bland, make your own adjustments. This is what cooking is all about. It might not be the “classic” result, but it’s yours. The soup is made with bright green Savoy cabbage with carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes.  I like to make it with chicken stock and even have put left over baked chicken in it.  It is equally good made with a good vegetable stock for a meatless meal. Then I would add mushrooms and white beans for protein and fiber.  With a hearty bread, you have a meal in a pot. If you can’t find Savoy cabbage, green cabbage will work, but don’t use red cabbage. It has a sharper flavor. If you want to add leftover meat like baked chicken, pork roast, or beef, add at the end and heat for 5 mintues. 



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