Thanksgiving Hacks For a Stress-Free Holiday

This post was originally written in October 2016. It has been updated November 2023.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. From my early childhood, Thanksgiving has meant family, friends and of course, wonderful food. A perfectly roasted turkey is a beautiful thing. Mother would always use her best china, her silverware, a lace tablecloth, and her crystal. It was special. It also involved many pots, dishes, pans, and clean-up. I was usually involved in the clean-up.

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Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

It’s November and we’re in the holiday season. For many, turkey and particularly turkey breast are the go to for a holiday meal. For smaller groups, turkey breast is ideal. Bone in or boneless turkey breast is fine. Turkey breast is notoriously lean, and skin on turkey breast is recommended. The fat under the skin melts while the turkey is cooking, and it bastes the turkey which helps with flavor and moisture. Also skin is required to get that lovely browned seasoned crust.

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