Tips For A Post-Covid Vacation

The past year has been a bit of a crazy one.  Many of us haven’t been anywhere actually. Vacations and family trips were all cancelled as the world closed down. Then followed months of restrictions of some kind, and the virus is still killing people.   This has led to a real case of wanderlust for me and fantasies.  Wondering just when we can plan our next trips? We’ve all been experiencing the world virtually a lot this year, but I think planning a vacation for the future is a good thing.  It keeps you looking ahead and dreaming.  Many of you may already have a place you had already scheduled and cancelled.  If  you want to plan something new, think in terms of locations and environment.  I’ve known skiers who traveled each winter to Colorado for the slopes.  Others who longed for beachs. Whatever environment you choose, you can still get ready for the future trips. Need new equipment like skis or skates?  If you crave exotic beaches, you can shop online for new swimwear or snorkeling gear.  You might start aiming for your beach body with something such as steel pre workout.   Here are some top tips for choosing your first post-Covid vacation.

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