I Sold My House & Found a Condo

Friday I signed the contract to sell my house. Saturday I drove to Lakeland, Florida, to meet a real estate agent and visit 4 condos. Today I am reviewing online my offer for one of the condominiums. (For my UK friends, a condominum or condo is an apartment you own.) The reason I am moving to an apartment/condo? I am tired of maintaining a home. There for a monthly fee the buildings are maintained including landscaping, maintaining & painting the outside of the building, & paying water bill, trash, internet, and cable. In effect I only pay for my electric bill. I am closing on my home on January 10th in the morning. In the afternoon I am closing on my new condo (if offer is accepted). It is exciting to think I am starting a new leg of my life in a new home in a new small town. Life is full of changes.

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