Winter Blues & Other Mental Health Woes

It’s now October and in some areas of the country, days of gray skies may now be more frequent. My sister lives in the greater Detroit area in Michigan, and all this last week she has complained about dark, rainy days. The rain stopped and she had 4 gray days in a row. That is typical weather for fall and winter in Michigan.  This time of year can make you feel blue and experience a loss of energy. Be aware that some people can be sad or depressed during low light days of winter.  It is called (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder. I wrote about my feelings of sadness and feeling lethargic when I lived in Tennessee and Michigan during the winter days of gray. In fact, that is one of the reasons I moved to Miami in my 20’s. I’m just so much happier in bright sunny Florida.  Read More

Book Review: Winter Blues: Everything You Need To Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder

I first read Winter Blues by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal back in the 1980’s when the first edition was printed. It quickly became a bestseller as people were hungry for information about this newly discovered diagnosis, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Some of us have trouble in the fall as the days shorten and the days become grayer. My mother used to phone me periodically with “the blues”. She’d say, “I don’t know why I’m so blue. There’s no reason.” We’d talk for a while but I felt helpless to help her.

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