Roost in The Wetlands

Today’s photos are taken very close to my home.   I hesitated to share them as I don’t have the equipment to zoom in and really do close-ups of the birds. Some of you may remember my bird photos are when the birds walk up to me. There is a strip mall on U.S. 19 (a major road running north and south on the west coast of Florida) where I often shop. The post office is there as well as Dollar Tree, a bookstore, a candle shop, Ross for Less, several restaurants and even Bealls.  Easter morning I needed to get out of the house for a while and took a drive. Most of the mall stores were closed but I went anyway.  There is a small street on the side of the mall that many of us use to avoid U. S. 19.  Along that small stretch of road is a fenced pocket of wetland where birds roost.

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