Trip to Michigan

Today’s photos are shared by in-law Lynne. I’m so lucky that I have wonderful family who share with me their beautiful photos. Thanks!


Lynn and her husband retired to Tennessee from Michigan about 8 years ago. Lynn was raised in Tennessee and they bought a home in the Smoky Mountains.  Several times a year they drive back to Michigan to visit family and friends.  Today’s a few shots from their trip last week.



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Grand Canyon Miscellaneous Shots

               My nephew James and his wife Heather went on vacation in June.   This is the eighth and final  post from their vacation photos. Thank you James!

Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon, with its layered bands of red rock revealing millions of years of geological history.


Today’s post is the last group of James’ beautiful photos from around the Grand Canyon.   James was so organized when he shared his  photos in folders by area visited.  These final 20 photos were labeled Grand Canyon Miscellaneous  I made a few collages that I hope you like.  Thanks for  visiting Nevada and Arizona with me in this summer.  I hope you have enjoyed his photography; I am so proud of him.




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Views From Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Dodenese Blvd., Tarpon Springs, Florida

 What will you find in Tarpon Springs? The Sponge Docks, Greek Restaurants, Bakeries, Attractions, Natural Sponges, Sponge Diving, Tours, Sightseeing Cruises, Unique Greek and Florida Souvenirs, lots of Shopping, Sightseeing and Live Entertainment



Today I’m sharing a few photos from the sponge docks with views of the Anclote River.   Tarpon Springs restaurants, boat rides, bakeries, and entertainment are local and tourist favorites here on the   west coast of Florida.

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Sims Park On The Pithlachascotee River

Sims Park is in New Port Richy, Florida, a suburban town on the west coast of Florida NW of Tampa



Last week we took a drive through downtown New Port Richey. Today let’s stop and take a look at Sims Park on the Pithlachascotee River and Orange Lake. During normal times, there are festivals, concerts, and events in the park on the river throughout the year. Just not this year. Read More

A Beautiful Day at James E. Grey Preserve

James E Grey Preserve

6938 Plathe Rd, New Port Richey, FL  (727) 841-4560


James E. Grey Preserve is an amazing treasure in New Port Richey. Quiet, peaceful, and so old Florida, it is an 80-acre riverfront preserve offering many birds & other wildlife, 2 miles of trails & a playground. This City of New Port Richey park is quiet and very pretty. I saw plenty of pretty birds, gopher tortoises and turtles in the river.



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