8 Ways to Make Your Garden Relaxing

This summer has been incredibly hot for many of us.  The weather has been extreme in many locations. I’m praying that when fall comes, we’ll all have cooler temperatures and rain in the dry areas. It’s the rainy season in Florida, and we’ve had rain luckily. With the heat index in the 100’s F and 92% humidity, I don’t spend much time outside right now. I’m thinking of cooler weather when relaxing in the garden is a perfect end to the day. Unfortunately, sometimes our gardens are not as relaxing as we would like them to be. If your yard is cluttered with outdoor structures, furniture, and children’s play equipment then it’s harder to relax. The backyard is a versatile space that can tantalize you with beautiful images and invite you to spend time out there. Here are a few ideas to create your garden sanctuary.

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