How to Have a Nice Smelling Living Room

In summer, life should be easy and relaxed but many of us are experiencing dangerous heat waves. Before I get into today’s topic, I’d like to say a few words about extreme heat. Last year I wrote about trying to stay healthy during extreme heat. If you are having trouble with the heat, do check out the ideas, stay hydrated, and stay safe.

Today I want to discuss fragrance in the home especially the living room. The living room is usually the first room visitors enter when they visit. Family members and pets sit, relax, and walk in and out all day. It’s a busy place. You want it be inviting right down to the air you breath. I know when I come home after being away 3 or more days, there is a faint odor like stale air and something else. I’ve stood at the front door and “fanned” the door to move the air around. I don’t like that smell.

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