Roses & A Stone Bird

When I feel like I can’t stand another day staying at home, I try to find something that brings me joy. It can be a simple thing – like flowers.  Roses are one of my favorite flowers. You can grow roses in Florida but it’s really hard and takes lots of work.  Roses really aren’t happy when it’s always hot. They can burn out and must be fed constantly.  I’ve not had luck growing them here and just buy my roses.

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Updated Thrift Store Bird House

Toward the end of last year when I was browsing in my favorite thrift store, I saw a dirty little bundle of ribbon and what looked like a bird house.   I got it for practically nothing and brought it home. I put it away until the new year.  I meant to redo this bird house several months ago, but life has been a bit wonky.  I’m finally doing it in August.  I must apologize for not taking photos when I first got it.  When I emptied the second bedroom for the new floor, my crafting supplies were stacked in the living room. My friend helped me move things and then we were sitting across the room from each other (safe distance) for a while.  I absent mindedly picked up the dirty mess and started taking it apart while we talked.  When I first picked it up, my friend Vickie asked why I even bought it.  It was covered in lots of dirty sheer “white” ribbon.  I think it must have been bows maybe originally but at that point it was lots and lots of loops and glue all over the bird house.  As I picked it off Vickie suddenly said now I like it.  She couldn’t stand the ribbon.  I’m not one to waste anything and I handwashed the ribbon to use on something else. The bird house had been hand painted and lots of details were glued on.  I liked the bird house except for the roof. The roof was a green/peach striped tape with 2 additional details glued on.  I really felt there was too much green with the house body being solid green.  I peeled the tape and details off.


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Eco Friendly Home Decorating

Is there anything more satisfying than walking into a clean and welcoming home after working  hard all day? Your home is your refuge from the world and all its ills. It’s the place where you can kick off your shoes, let down your hair and relax. A space that allows you to be yourself without concession or compromise. As such, your home should reflect your tastes, personality and preferences. Still, for the eco-conscious, it may seem that this involves more than a little compromise. Is it really more expensive? Can it really be done on a budget? Read More

DIY Patriotic Wall Decor

For quite a few years, I wore a cute blue 4th of July summer sleep shirt. It is a dark blue with a cute embroidery decoration on the front.  When I could no longer use it, I put it aside planning to make a patriotic decoration one summer.  This past January when I was purging and organizing my craft supplies, I made a promise to myself that I would use or lose lots of old items I’ve saved for crafts.  Today’s simple craft is based on my old night shirt and an embroidery hoop.


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