August Orchid Mania

Photos are courtesy of my friend Beverly in South Florida. I personally can not grow orchids. They always die. I do love orchids and enjoy flowers grown by friends.

Today I’m sharing four more photos from my friend Beverly. It is a blessing to see beautiful orchids growing in tropical Florida . One began to flower at the end of July and several others joined in in the last week. Beverly calls it her orchid mania. She has so many beautiful orchids. I hope you enjoy the exotic flowers.

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An Orchid Blooms

There is a huge range of orchids in this extensive family. Every plant has its needs – right plant in the right place.  For most of us, orchids are house plants though in warm climates they of course can be grown outside. For growing information, see Blooming Orchids.

These photos were taken several years ago and were in my archives.



My orchid-growing friend lives further south here in Florida. She claims she just puts them on the lanai (screened back porch), in the trees, or in her house and doesn’t do much.  I have killed every orchid I have ever had which is why there is a lovely faux orchid in my living room.  Let’s enjoy her amazing flowers.



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