Tropical Hibiscus at a Garden Center

Tropical Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis: Tropical hibiscus grows permanently in the landscape in warmer U.S. Dept of Agriculture  zones 9 through 11, unless they are taken indoors in winter. Outdoors, one freeze – below 25 degrees Fahrenheit – will kill them   A hibiscus flower usually has five petals (a single hibiscus).   


Several weeks ago I shared  a visit to a florist.   Today I’m sharing a visit to a large landscape garden center on a bright, sunny Florida morning around 10 AM.  There were just a few people at the center.

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Deep Pink Tropical Hibiscus

In warmer climates, tropical hibiscus is grown as a perennial garden plant and is used as a woody shrub for hedges and screens.   It can be grown as a potted plant up north and has to be brought inside during cold weather.



In May I started visiting a new chiropractor in New Port Richey.  She’s a very nice young woman and has an office building to herself.  We both wear masks and I am not near a single person except for the doctor. Honestly, getting an adjustment each week helps me stay healthier, and I hadn’t had one for 2 months.
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