Top Posts of 2020

Welcome to my 2021 review of 2020!  It’s always fun to look back over the year to see what the top posts were. I have left out the almost 7000 visits to my home page/archives as it does not name specific posts. I also dropped visits to my email subscribers page which was 2nd in visits. I had over 18, 000 visitors with the highest number of visitors coming in March. Ah yes, horrible March when we all were made to stay home.  I love having visitors but I don’t want another March like that.  Let’s have some fun at look at the posts that made people happy.


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Photo Collages Made Easy

It’s almost summer, and I’ve been taking lots of photos. When you have a ton of images and want to share them, what do you do? Edit and make beautiful collages is my first choice. You could make a collage by piecing images together using a photo editor like Photoshop or GIMP, but it requires a lot of careful resizing and measuring, and really isn’t much fun.

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How To Digitize Old Photos & Letters

This is the third post in a series on photography. If you missed the first, see Treasured Moments in Art. The second is Organizing Your Phone Photos.



My mother died back in 1986. At that time she was living with my sister and had two bedrooms there. One to use for sleeping and one for a TV room.  I helped my sister clear out the rooms and became custodian of boxes of old letters and photographs from my mother’s life and from my grandmother.  My mother had brought home a box of photos from her mother’s apartment after her death six years earlier.  Back in the 1980’s the choices were more limited for organizing the photos.  I bought archival storage items and began trying to organize the memories from the past. Old photos, letters, and newspaper clippings are printed on paper containing acid. Over time the print fades and the paper deteriorates.  Use acid-free paper and album materials to store  precious old family photos. For more information, see  How to Store Old Photos.




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Tips For Organizing Your Phone Photos

This is the second post in a series on photography. If you missed the first, see Treasured Moments in Art.

When I was growing up, my mother or father took the photos for the passages of our lives. We were posed, stood still with our little smiles, and a button was pushed. Birthdays, holidays, and vacations. Photos were taken for these important happenings, they were printed, and then they were put in the photo album or stored in the photo envelope in my father’s desk.

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My Favorite Photos of 2018

For the last few years, I started off January with a favorite flowers of the previous year post.  This year it’s a little later and I’ve also expanded my photos to include more types of posts.  My Top Posts of 2018 the first week of January addressed everyone else’s favorite posts.  Today I’m sharing my favorite photos from travel, home, nature, and garden posts of 2018.  I hope you enjoy it.  We’re starting with my post on beautiful Bok Tower Garden in Lake Wales, Florida. It’s one of my favorite places in Florida with lush contemplative garden rooms and beautiful bells ringing out in concerts.


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