Catching Up – What I’ve Been Up To

Today I thought I would just do a little catch up with you about the last few weeks.  Life sometimes throws a curve ball and we don’t always follow the plan we make.   l am glad to share that I got my 2nd vaccine shot the first week in May.  My arm was red and sore for several days but that’s really nothing.  What surprised me was the RA (rheumatoid arthritis) pain I experienced for over 3 days following the shot. It is my observation that any stress or illness makes me hurt.  Anyway, it’s a small price to pay to protect myself from COVID.  I did not get several craft projects done but that isn’t the end of the world either.


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Create More Space By De-Cluttering Your Home

1. Creating space starts with decluttering

For the last few months I have re-evaluated each room and its furnishings as I packed up everything for the new floor.  This week I want to talk about our “stuff.” I have found that I love being in a room with less furniture and decorations. I have given away and thrown away lots of  “stuff”.  If you feel like your home is cluttered, disorganized, or has too many unwanted items, then it’s time to clean it out. A home that feels spacious and minimal makes for a more comfortable, less stressful environment.  Decluttering can also be a somewhat therapeutic process, helping you eliminate things you no longer need from your life and start again. You should aim to declutter regularly to help keep your living spaces clear and your drawers and  closets organized. Use a checklist to help you declutter every room of your home and be prepared to get ruthless with your decisions over what to throw out and what to keep. I’ve made a basic De-Clutter Checklist by room – fill free to update with other rooms and types of items. It is available as a PDF for you to download and print.

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Summer Storage Labels

Like many of you for the last few months I have spent some time organizing my home.  I will soon pack away my summer decorations. A new label for the boxes will be perfect as I try to organize and conquer my possessions.   Sometimes it just makes me happy to have a clean box and a cute label.  I wanted a nice attractive label to make it easy to identify the boxes and the contents.  I designed 3 with summer designs. I used Avery Presta 94229 label template with 2 labels to a 8.5 x 11″ page.  All the labels are PDF’s and should print easily on your labels or regular copy paper.

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