Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya

Today’s recipe is New Orleans spicy jambalaya.  It is a one-dish meal with Spanish, French, and African influences.  It usually has 3 proteins of chicken or pork, sausage (andouille, chorizo or smoked sausage), and seafood (shrimp or crawfish).  Today we’re using chicken and andouille sausage with shrimp.  If you are not able to obtain shrimp at this time, the chicken and sausage will still make a great hearty dish for the family. Read More

Taco Salad

Today’s recipe is for a tasty taco salad that’s a one dish meal.  This is a quick recipe which is great for busy week nights, and it can be modified in so many ways. You can use lean ground beef, turkey, or chicken for the meat. You can also used leftover shredded pork or beef. If you’re a fan of summer grilling, try grilled chicken or steak strips on your bed of lettuce. You can even buy a rotisserie chicken and shred the meat. I have used black bean, pinto beans or kidney beans. There are so many wonderful variations to meet your taste needs or adjust for items in  your pantry. Have a vegetarian or vegan in your family or need a meatless meal?  Add sliced avocado, fresh corn, and skip the meat for a meatless entree.


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Creamy Basil Parmesan Tomato Soup

One of my favorite things is a delicious bowl of soup. I always like to start with a little saute of diced celery and carrots to start the base in today’s yummy soup. A generous amount of carrots and celery add an untraceable sweetness which balance the acidity of tomatoes. Combine with the onions and garlic to infuse the soup with irresistible multi-dimensional rich flavors.
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Easy Baked Lemon Chicken

I’m all about easy, delicious food. I discovered pan roasting a few years ago and haven’t looked back. This tasty lemon chicken with vegetables is all cooked together in a baking sheet with sides.  One pan to clean but lots of good food to eat. Use a whole chicken cut into pieces or just your favorite parts.  If you want an economical meal, use thighs with as much fat removed as possible. Tasty!

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