Beach or Dune Sunflower, A Florida Native

Beach (or Dune) sunflower is a butterfly-attracting Florida native that’s perfect for hot, dry sites, including coastal areas. Many gardeners like to use it as a colorful and drought-resistant groundcover.

Fun fact: the flower heads always follow the sun throughout the day.

University of Florida Gardening Solutions


One morning about 10 am I walked outside to feel the sun and the air warming up. We’d had about a week of cold weather and the predicted high was 75 degrees F.



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Trumpet Honeysuckle on the Arbor

 The name “honeysuckle” can refer to any of the almost 200 species in Lonicera, the honeysuckle genus, not to mention all the varieties within each species. They vary considerably in appearance, growth habit and exuberance. Trumpet honeysuckle does not have the fragrance of most honeysuckles but makes up for it with ostentatious beauty with their clusters of long, red trumpets joined at their bases.  Here in central Florida my Florida native, trumpet honeysuckle, blooms all year.




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