Warm Mineral Springs, Florida


12200 San Servando Avenue
North Port, Florida 34287

I originally wrote about Warm Mineral Springs, Florida in 2015.

This post is an update with new information and photos.



Why Go To A Mineral Springs


We’ve all heard of the Dead Sea and how healthy Dead Sea salts are. Why? Because of the heavy concentrations of minerals.  I have bought Dead Sea salts for bathing, but I will probably never make it to the actual Dead Sea. Soaking in mineral waters is an ancient practice. Pilgrims in search of healing have “taken the waters” for centuries, looking for miracle cures for diseases ranging from skin disorders to arthritis. Andrew Weil, M.D., says that warm mineral springs can ease the pain of arthritis, lessen the fatigue associated with fibromyalgia and reduce stress.  Then I learned about a warm mineral spring right here in Florida.  I have lived in Florida many years, but I had never heard of Warm Mineral Springs in North Port, Florida until 2013. It is the only naturally formed warm springs in Florida, is the largest warm mineral springs in the world, and is a constant 87 (F) degrees. It has the highest mineral count of any springs in the United States. The pond is replenished daily by approximately 9 million gallons of water discharged by the three vents that feed the spring. The vents dredge up countless minerals and sulfur gas believed to cure everything from stress to psoriasis to kidney problems to slipped discs. Read More