July Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a subtropical bulb that belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and is native to South Africa. It is grown as a potted plant in most parts of the United States but can also be grown outdoors year round in warm areas like Florida. Amaryllis flower in the late winter through early spring in central Florida.



I’ve shared multiple posts this year on my amazing white amaryllis which has flowered multiple times  this summer.  Right before Independence Day, my big white amaryllis produced a huge new stalk with 4 buds. I captured these photos before the winds and rain from the tropical storm Elsa bent the stalk with the open flowers to the ground.  I cut the flowers for a bouquet I shared with Amaryllis & Anthurium.  It is amazing to have spring flowers so late but I am not complaining – I would be thrilled if amaryllis bloomed all summer.  It would be like having your tulips bloom in July!



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