How To Improve Your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have outside space at home, are you making the most of it? At this time of year especially, it’s so nice to get into the garden whether it’s to entertain friends, make memories with the family or just to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet by yourself. We all need a spot in the garden for a morning or evening drink. A place to sit and read or just relax and enjoy the view. When the weather is nice, the garden essentially gives you another ‘room’ in your home to enjoy.  Here are a few ways you can create or improve your special space and make the most of your garden. 

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Fire Bush Taking Over

Firebush is a perennial or semi-woody shrub that is known scientifically as Hamelia patens. Gardeners love firebush because it produces flowers from late spring until the first frost, and the bright red flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies, including the zebra longwing and gulf fritillary butterflies. Song birds also like to feed on the berries.

Back when I first started planning my garden and adding native Florida plants, I bought a small fire bush plant. It loves the sun, thrives in the central Florida’s rainy season, and survives dry periods. That little bush became huge and took lots of time trying to cut it back and to control it. In the last few years, I am not physically able to do many things I used to do. I had a good yard guy who helped me maintain the yard. I lost him two years ago and have struggled trying to find help I can afford. I found a new guy to mow the lawn. Lots of people do that, but his full-time job is maintaining the local elementary school. He doesn’t have time to do many other projects. I have a plan to cut back the gardens to a smaller areas. As I mentioned the other week, I have found a gentleman to do landscaping projects.

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Ideas to Create A Garden For Socializing

Many of us dream of creating a garden space that’s a green luscious place to enjoy. Glance below for a dream garden bench.  I’ll never have a huge garden landscaped by experts and maintained by staff, but I can make small changes in my yard. My dreams of an outdoor space that welcomes friends and family make me consider things I can do to make it more social.  Whether you want to host a large crowd or an intimate group,  read on for ideas that’ll make your garden ready for guests.


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LIghting Ideas For The Garden

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful garden at night. The stars twinkle overhead, and you can see your way to the front door with ease – but what is it about this sight that makes it so unique? Well, there are a few things. Of course, you might have great outdoor lighting already in place for safety reasons, but if you’re looking for more of an aesthetic touch, then here are some ideas on how to light up your garden beautifully.

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Farmington Neighbor’s Garden

Today I’m re-cycling a post from 2016. I had visited my sister as I often do in August. This particular garden was just too lovely not to share again. I’ve made a new collage I hope you like.



I’ve been enjoying my stay with my family here in Michigan. Florida is so hot and humid during the summer; coming north in late August provides a needed break.  I love the town of Farmington with its small town feel in the midst of a large metropolitan area.  Driving around is always so pleasant with a background  of older homes, a historical district, and larger more modern homes. Everything is so lush and green.



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A Small Cottage For Sale In The Neighborhood

Do you ever drive around your neighborhood and look at houses?  Sometimes I do as I like to see how other people landscape their gardens. When it’s a beautiful day and I don’t want to stay inside, then seeing  the blue skies and green grass makes me happy.  This small home a few blocks from me has a similar layout as mine. I do love the garden and small cottage look. Read More

August Gardens

It’s a hot, humid summer here in central Florida. I haven’t shared that many photos of my tropical garden this summer as it’s taken time to rebuild after the loss of so many plants in January due to 2 freezing nights. I replaced my huge dead red hibiscus with a new small bush back in the spring, and the little guy produces pretty red flowers almost daily.



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Low Maintenance Yards

Warm weather is here which means everyone can enjoy the outdoors. Our lawns and gardens can provide “rooms” and places for families to gather and to have fun. After all, your garden is a part of your home  isn’t it? Love the idea of a beautiful outdoor space but hate all the work involved?  Let’s look at ways to look after your yard that aren’t going to take a huge amount of time or effort.   Just remember if you live in a neighborhood with restrictions and guidelines for landscaping, check with the association for accepted lawns before you make radical changes.

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