The Many Lakes of Lakeland

When you drive around Lakeland, you pass lots of lakes. The City of Lakeland says that there are a total of 38 named lakes within City limits as well as numerous smaller lakes. Sizes among the 38 named lakes range from 2.5 acres (Lake Blanton) to 2,272 acres (Lake Parker) of which 17 are natural and 21 are man-made. Lake Parker is the large lake behind my condo development. Today I’m sharing a few photos of another lake I passed in my drives.

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A Walk To The Lake

I must say I am very tired. I am also bruised. Yes, I am still surrounded by boxes. I don’t mind taking my time unpacking, but I still don’t have my basic cooking equipment unpacked. I am using one large frying pan for everything. I have to find some pots today. Don’t ask me why, but I am craving potato salad, my potato salad not a grocery store’s salad.

Today’s photos were taken during a walk to the lake next to the condos. I hope you enjoy them. First is a view of the courtyard.

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I Sold My House & Found a Condo

Friday I signed the contract to sell my house. Saturday I drove to Lakeland, Florida, to meet a real estate agent and visit 4 condos. Today I am reviewing online my offer for one of the condominiums. (For my UK friends, a condominum or condo is an apartment you own.) The reason I am moving to an apartment/condo? I am tired of maintaining a home. There for a monthly fee the buildings are maintained including landscaping, maintaining & painting the outside of the building, & paying water bill, trash, internet, and cable. In effect I only pay for my electric bill. I am closing on my home on January 10th in the morning. In the afternoon I am closing on my new condo (if offer is accepted). It is exciting to think I am starting a new leg of my life in a new home in a new small town. Life is full of changes.

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