A Special Heart That Listens

I don’t write about politics here on my blog. Yes, there are times I am venting to my sister or friend, but I don’t like me when I do that. I don’t like who I become when I’m angry. The craziness of the last year has brought out so much anger and irrational behavior everywhere. I firmly believe our country is special in many ways, but sometimes Americans are just not nice. You know what I mean.  I believe that we have the right to disagree. I must admit sometimes I think my head will explode when I read folks’ nasty rants on Facebook, twitter, or anywhere.  I avoid those. I will drop someone on Twitter for several reasons – you stop following me, you post about explicit sex, or you rant nasty things about people you don’t like. Nope, I don’t want to read it. Yes you have the right to disagree and I have the right to not want to hear it.

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