Free Floral Cross Printable for Easter

Since the beginning of Christianity, the cross has been the principal symbol of the Christian religion. It recalls the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the resurrection. This is important to remember, but the cross is a symbol of much more. The cross can be interpreted as a sign of hope, representing the forgiveness of sins and God’s reconciliation with man. It is a powerful symbol of divine love and salvation. The cross with the figure of the crucified Christ serves as a reminder of his sacrifice and his suffering. The cross without the figure, often referred to as “the Empty Cross”, symbolizes the resurrection. He is risen and is not there. It is time for joy in our divine gift.

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Printable Quotes From Laura Ingalls Wilder

I love the inspiration of quotes from people I respect. It’s like a little burst of wisdom that helps me get my focus back and concentrate on what’s important. Today’s printables are two quotes I really like from Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Each quote is done in two different styles.  The first quote is on the topic of home, one of the nicest words I know.  Read More