Recovering From COVID-19

Today I’m just sharing my personal life in July and August.  This is not my usual type of post at all.


A painful July and August


The last couple of months have been stressful for me.  I woke to a horrible pain in a tooth one morning in July.  I knew at once that I probably needed a root canal.  I had one back 20 years ago.  There was no gradual build-up of pain but a quick on-set of sharp and penetrating pain.   I went to a dentist as soon as I could. He said I needed to see a specialist for the root canal unlike 20 years ago.  I then a week later saw a endodontist. It took 2 treatments which were 2 weeks apart to finish the root canal.  The regular dentist said he would put a crown on my tooth in 2 weeks. A week later I was in Michigan seeing family and had again a great pain. New dentist was found who said my tooth from the root canal had broken in 2.  It needed to be extracted but he refused to do it. He said go back to my dentist in Florida.  The next week I returned to Florida and the next day I had the tooth extracted.  It took a few days to feel human again. Last week I saw the dentist for a follow-up on Wednesday. On Thursday, I had a quarterly appointment with my primary physician.  My sinus problems were worse than usual and I was tested for COVID-19. I was positive.


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How To Treat Nausea

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Most people can agree that one of the worst feelings that you can have physically is nausea. Back in my 20’s, my friends at work took me out for lunch on my birthday. This was my first year working in Miami, Florida, and here I was eating in a beautiful restaurant with a view of the Bay. It was exciting. The special that day was shrimp Jambalaya with sangria.   I had them both.  It brought an afternoon and evening I will never forget. Waves of nausea and pain followed by throwing up ruined that first birthday in Florida.  A new friend who was a nurse gave me a bottle of Emetrol and that gave me enough peace I could finally sleep propped up with pillows. I have never wanted Jambalaya or sangria again even though they are both delicious. The idea turns my stomach.


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