Preparing for Hurricane Idalia

On Monday, 8/28/23, the sky was very cloudy looking west in central Florida. With Hurricane Idalia approaching on the Gulf and expecting impact just north of my area, I took steps to prepare ahead of the storm. I already had bottled drinking water and batteries. I had a bug-out bag and supplies. For more information on emergency preparation see Emergency Preparation Are You Prepared.

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Planning For Future Hurricanes

There has been a lot of discussion here in Florida about what should be done in the future to prepare for the increasing frequency of killer hurricanes. As the ocean gets warmer, more storms develop with stronger winds. Several weeks ago Hurricane Ian left swollen lakes and rivers in Florida that continue to have communities underwater. St. Johns River, the largest river in Florida, is not expected to recede until Thanksgiving. Further south areas like Fort Myers have been devastated by Ian’s winds and rains. Some displaced residents say they are leaving Florida for good.

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Emergency Preparation – Are You Prepared? With Free Printables

Emergency Prep #3  ( 1st- 7/7/2015. 2nd-5/2018)

No matter where you live emergencies and natural disasters can happen. Blizzards,  flooding, high winds producing tornadoes and hurricanes. earthquakes, and wildfires are all examples of natural disasters.  This spring we all learned that emergencies can include a pandemic. In today’s world, the emergency could also be a terrorist attack of some kind too.   When you are given a few hours or even minutes to relocate, you can’t make detailed arrangements. You need to already have a plan and immediately proceed.

In any emergency, the number 1 rule is: Remember to follow the directions of local officials. Your local officials will be the best source of information before, during, and after the emergency situation.  If the situation is a medical emergency such as the pandemic, I would strongly advise following your  personal physician’s advice and the advice of medical authorities on the subject.  They are the ones briefing the government officials.

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