Sundown The Night Before Hurricane Ian

I must say thank you to all who contacted me about my safety during the hurricane. It is Thursday morning and I still have electricity. Yeah! Currently 43,000 people in my county are without power according to the news. I was very lucky. I had over a day of rain and wind, but nothing like poor Sarasota County. They had storm surge of almost 20 feet. Lots of flooding all around the storm’s path. Today the storm continues its path past Orlando to Daytona and then who knows. This morning the wind is like 40 miles an hour in my area and will decrease to normal this afternoon. Then I will open my front door and go into the yard to look around. It really doesn’t matter if limbs or debris are in the yard. I just pray all my neighbors are well. It’s amazing how stir crazy it feels when you know you can’t open the door or go outside. I will only move the sandbags by the front door. There are more tropical storms out there and hurricane season will not be over until November. I’ll celebrate November by moving the sandbags in front of my garage door and side door. I’ll bring them into the garage. Now I have photos to share.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was inside my home which was surrounded with sand bags on all exits. The chairs and table from the porch were all in the garage as well as the garbage cans. My car was parked next to Vickie’s house which is higher ground than mine. As we say in Florida, I was hunkered down. I had plenty of water and finger food. I wasn’t leaving my home until the storm passed. In the early evening as the sun set, I saw beautiful colors in the sky. These photos were take from my new sliding doors in the dining area. Remember I couldn’t open the door without messing up the sandbags. They are placed against a closed door.

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