9 Ways To Bring Light Into The Home

The summer season will be coming to an end shortly. Many of us are looking forward to fall color and the change in seasons after a really hot summer. I know I am. Then for many people the skies become dimmer and even sometimes grey. The lack of light when I lived further north is really one of the reasons I moved to Florida decades ago. Winters with cold nights and long evenings and little light make me sad as it does many other people. (See Seasonal Affective Disorder for more information on dealing with SAD.)

It’s time now as you plan and transition into another season to consider how to bring light in your home during the months ahead. Nothing compares to the warm feeling of sunshine across your face especially during a cold, dreary winter. Natural light is important for so much more than aesthetics. Natural light helps to regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Your sleep cycle is regulated by circadian rhythms, where you begin to wake and rise when you are exposed to natural light (sunrise) and where you begin to wind down when natural light reduces (night). According to The Active Times, there are 15 Health Benefits of Sunshine..  It is advised to get at least 10-15 minutes of sunlight daily.  Sunlight has a huge impact on depression, seasonal affective disorder and sleep quality and can help you lose weight. 

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