How To Create A Cozy Home

Here we are still staying close to home to stay safe. You might be working, you may not be working, but you are still at home. Last month I wrote about staying well while working at home.  The discussion included setting up a working space, setting boundaries, following a schedule, and including exercise in your day.  It’s not an ideal situation, but it could be worse. At first, staying at home is like playing hooky from school. You don’t have to fight traffic commuting to work each day.  However, it only takes a couple of weeks for you to feel stressed and bored. Read More

Winter Decor Transition

We’re now in that awkward time when all the holidays are over.  The tree, lights, and beautiful holiday decor are put away for another year.  If you’re like me, it can all seem pretty blah about now. My family left last week after a long holiday visit and I am in high gear to refresh my decor.  I usually like to stick with red in my January living room and dining area.  Sometimes I use deeper shades of cranberry or maroon. This year I’m going with red in the living room and the deeper colors in the dining room. Read More

Add Farmhouse Beauty With Plants

I love a casual farmhouse style that also includes a touch of modern. With the new year beginning, it’s time for a refresh with cozy, rustic details in my home.  One of my favorite decorative techniques is a  few plants scattered around the house. Real house plants add year round color and also filter the air naturally.  What if you can’t keep plants alive?  A quality faux plant can add texture and green to your home without fear of their death. I like to use a mix of real and faux plants and flowers, sometimes even in the same arrangement. No matter what design style you favor or the color of your rooms, adding fresh touches of green using indoor plants can be very much needed for interest and a bit of color.

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Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia Milii

Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia Milii,  is a succulent and kin to the poinsettia. Originally from Madagascar, it became popular during Victorian times as a houseplant.  Nicknames for it include Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant, and Christ Thorn which are all due to its thorns on the branches. Crown of Thorns is an evergreen plant and is also drought resistant. It produces woody, succulent stems up to three feet high. The thorns cover the stems randomly and measure up to an inch long.  The bright green leaf bracts grow randomly and slightly sparse. They appear mostly on newer stems and fall away from the older stems. Blooms appear mostly throughout the spring and late into the summer. However, in ideal conditions, the plant can produce flowers year-round.  The true flowers are small and green, surrounded by showy bracts in red, orange, pink, yellow or white.




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Houseplants for the Classroom & Homes with Children

For many, August means back to school. Even if you do homeschooling, why not spruce the classroom up with an indoor plant or two?  Last year I wrote about house plants that purify the air.  Won’t it be nice to have fresh air as a bonus?  We need non-toxic so it will be great for any place with small children or pets.
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Air Cleaning Plants for Your Home & Office

Several decades ago I worked in an office building on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami doing social services.  There was lots of paperwork and I spent hours at my desk.  Most afternoons by 2 PM I had a headache if I spent the day in the office.  My mind was fuzzy. I had read about “sick buildings” and wondered if the building was the problem. No windows could be opened, and there was poor air circulation. What could I do? Since I often made home or program visits to complete paperwork or to monitor my clients, I began to arrange some visits daily and if possible, made many visits in the afternoon.  I no longer had headaches. I was lucky that I did field work as most office workers and homeowners do not have the luxury to leave.


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