Create An Easter Candy Centerpiece

For spring and Easter this year, I wanted to try the simple craft of a candy-filled vase.  Florists have used the 2 vase technique for years.  Get a clear glass vase that is wide and tall enough to hold a smaller vase.  Then fill the area between the 2 glass walls with candy.  You can use jelly beans, candy corn in fall, or pastel mints for Easter and spring.  I bought a simple glass vase and pastel mints at Dollar Tree.  I added a plastic glass for the insert.



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Old Floral Swag Makeover

Last November I found an old eucalyptus floral swag at the thrift store. The ribbon was stained and the real eucalyptus was dried out and disintegrating.  The painted wooden house background for the eucalyptus and flowers was a coastal cottage complete with palm trees. It was perfect for my Florida home and I thought I could remake it.  At the time, I was completing a long list to prepare for my family’s Christmas visit and put the swag away. Read More

DIY Patriotic Farmhouse Decor With Bandanas

It’s coming to the end of May and it’s time for me to start adding more red, white and blue to my home. From Memorial Day until mid July blue and red dominate my colors on the dining table, living room, and front porch.  Today I’m making an extremely simple patriotic decor from Dollar Tree bandanas and white cord.  What I love about this idea is that I can take it apart in August and do something entirely different with the bandanas and cord.

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